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Minecraft Version: 1.12.2

Pixelmon Reforged: 8.4.2

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Install Guide

Twitch Setup Manual Setup

Our server is running Pixelmon Reforged 8.4.2 for Minecraft 1.12.2

Launch via our custom Twitch Modpack

1. Purchase and install Minecraft Java Edition. Launch the game at least once if you have not played it before on this computer.

2. Download and install the Twitch Desktop App and sign in with your Twitch account.

3. Optionally, download Optifine for the correct version of Minecraft you are using.

4. Click the Mods tab and select Minecraft. If necessary, set up a Minecraft install location.
Windows users only: DO NOT install in ‘C:\Program Files’ or ‘C:\Program Files (x86)'.

5. Click Browse Modpacks.

6. Search for PokeMC Pack.

7. Click the Install button for the pack.

8. Return to the My Modpacks tab and click on the PokeMC Pack image (NOT the play button).

9. Click the gear at the top right, and select Open Folder.

10. Open the mods folder.

11. Locate the .jar files that you downloaded for Optifine in step 3. Place them in this mods folder.

12. Return to the Twitch App and click the gear at the top right of the pack's window, then click Profile Options.

13. Uncheck Use System Memory Settings. Set the slider to a minimum of 2048mb, or a maximum of 6144mb, depending on how much RAM you have available on your computer. Click Okay.

14. You should be done! At this point you can click the Play button for the pack in Twitch and launch the game. Our server IP is automatically included in the Multiplayer list.

Manually install with Minecraft Forge

1. Purchase and install Minecraft Java Edition. Launch the game at least once if you have not played it before on this computer.

2. Download the current Pixelmon Reforged mod version and the recommended version of Forge for the correct version of Minecraft you are using. The recommended Forge version is listed under the download button on the Pixelmon Reforged website.
Windows Users: Download the Windows Installer for Forge.
Mac Users: Download the Installer for Forge.

IMPORTANT: When you download the Forge installer, you will be brought to an ad page first. DO NOT click any of the pop ups, and instead wait 5 seconds for the SKIP button to appear in the top right. You may have to disable Adblocker if you have one. Click SKIP and you will download the installer safely.

3. Open the Forge Installer file. Choose Install Client and hit OK.
Mac Users: If you are unable to open the installer by double-clicking, instead, Right Click the file > Open > OK.

4. Open the Minecraft Launcher. Select Installations and click + New... to create a new profile.

5. Name the profile anything you wish, and open the Version drop down menu. Scroll until you find the version of Forge you just installed and select it.

6. Click on More Options and scroll to the JVM Arguments.
Change the -Xmx1G at the beginning to -Xmx2G. Leave the rest of the argument untouched. This step allocates 2GB of RAM to Minecraft. You can allocate more if your computer has more RAM available.

7. Hit Create and return to the Play tab in the launcher.

8. Open up the version menu next to the Play button and select the new profile you just created. Launch the game. You MUST launch the Forge profile at least once if you have not launched Minecraft with Forge before on this computer.

9. Once the game is successfully launched, we need to access the .minecraft folder on your computer.

On the Minecraft home screen, click Options > Resource Packs > Open resource pack folder. This will open up a file window on your computer. Simply go up one level to access the enclosing .minecraft folder (or just ‘minecraft’ folder for Mac users).

10. Open the mods folder.

11. Locate the Pixelmon Reforged .jar file you downloaded in step 2. Place it in this mods folder.

12. Close Minecraft and re-launch it with the Forge profile again. You should now have Pixelmon successfully installed! To confirm, click the Mods button on the Minecraft home screen. Pixelmon should be listed.

13. On the Minecraft home screen, select Multiplayer > Add Server > and input our server IP: This will add the server to your list. You can now connect and play!

14. To update Pixelmon in the future, simply download the new Pixelmon version .jar file and replace the old one in the mods folder. Delete the old Pixelmon .jar when you place the new one in the mods folder. You can also put any other mods you download, such as Optifine, in this folder as long as they are for the correct version of Minecraft and Forge (and allowed on the server).

Launch via Technic Launcher

NOTE: Launching Pixelmon via Technic sometimes causes visual issues for Mac users, depending on your hardware. We cannot guarantee Technic Launcher will work on all devices.

1. Purchase and install Minecraft Java Edition. Launch the game at least once if you have not played it before on this computer.

2. Download and install the Technic Launcher. Open it and log in with your Minecraft account info.

3. Select the Modpacks tab at the top. Search for PokeMC Official in the search box on the left. Click Install in the bottom right.

4. During or after installation, click the Launcher Options gear at the top right of the launcher window. Open Java Settings and change your memory to a minimum of 2GB, or higher if your computer has more RAM available.

NOTE: You MUST have 64-bit Java installed in order to do this step. If you cannot install 64-bit Java, I do not recommend using Technic Launcher.

5. After installation, you can now hit Play in the bottom right to launch the modpack.

6. On the Minecraft home screen, select Multiplayer > Add Server > and input our server IP: This will add the server to your list. You can now connect and play!

About Us

Welcome to PokeMC!

We are a Survival Multiplayer Pixelmon server, currently running Pixelmon Reforged 8.4.2 on Minecraft 1.12.2. We formed and maintained a strong player community from day one, and are constantly working to develop new custom plugins, maps, and other unique features! Our goal is to create a welcoming and immersive world for our players to enjoy, and hopefully feel at home.

Survival Minecraft

This is Survival Minecraft! Enjoy a complimentary starter kit when you join and Six (6) sethomes to use how you like. Our map is 25,000 x 25,000 blocks with room to expand in the future. There’s plenty of room for you to spread out and thrive.

Additionally, we support a healthy economy that will NEVER be pay to win. Earn your riches by catching Pokemon, running a player shop, breeding competitive Pokemon, running your own gym, and many more possibilities!

Handmade Maps

Our own Build Team has created two beautiful regions for you to explore: Our custom region Astrellus, and a recreation of the Kanto map inspired by both the games and anime. We host several daily events in these regions and they provide useful locations for you to shop, catch Pokemon, and train your teams!

You can access both these regions from our server hub or /warps list. Additionally, we have a Nether, Ultra Space, and Resource World that reset on a monthly basis.

Server Features and Plugins

We have implemented several server features and plugins to make your gameplay both fun and efficient! We are in the process of commissioning custom plugins to even better suit our needs and serve our community.

All players have access to:
  • RotomDex - Your own personal robotic assistant for accessing features!
  • Our unique Kanto Adventure quest
  • Seasonal and starter kits
  • Six (6) sethomes
  • Pokedex completion rewards
  • Reroll system for pokemon nature, ball, and size
  • AquaSkills (RPG-style skills, complete with levels, rewards, and active/passive abilities!)
  • AquaArena (PvP arena system)
  • AquaGyms (Player-run gyms!)
  • AquaVaults (Vault storage for items)
  • Petblocks (A fun player-head pet to follow you around and be your pal!)
  • PokeDisguises - Turn into your favorite pokemon for fun!
  • Pixelmon Plushies (Statues you can pick up and move!)
  • Special custom pokemon textures as event rewards
  • Special custom textured wild pokemon
  • Normal starter, plus your choice of a second normal, shiny, or custom textured starter!
  • Designated resource worlds
Battle Frontier Content™
  • Battle Maison - Singles & Doubles matches
  • Battle Spire
  • Battle Tower
  • Battle School - Learn the basics of competitive Pokemon!
In-Game Services:
  • Server Mall to buy and sell Pixelmon items
  • EV Training areas
  • Move Tutor and Relearner sites
  • Dye shop


PokeMC has a Patreon! You can support our development of the features above and more by becoming a patron.

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Server Rules

Complete Rules Document

If you simply follow these and use common sense, you'll be golden. Please see the complete rules document linked above for a complete list of rules
  1. Don’t be a Diglett. Use your common sense and ensure your actions don’t disrupt another player’s gaming experience.
  2. Absolutely no advertising on the server. This includes Youtube and other server names. PokeMC related channels or Pixelmon related links are fine. Do not advertise on behalf of PokeMC on other servers.
  3. Do not grief, raid or steal from other players claims. Do not grief, raid or steal from other players. You can approach us to help return anything that you were not supposed to take. If you sold any stolen items, then money or items of equivalent value can be returned if the victim accepts them.

    You are responsible for your claim and what happens on it. Make sure you only trust those who you know on your claim to prevent any issues. Your items will not be refunded if you deliberately leave an area unclaimed. Our Staff will assist you with claiming your area if you experience any difficulty with it.
  4. Do not use any cheat clients/mods, scripts, dupes, or exploits. Please see the list of banned and allowed mods for clarification or ask Staff if unsure.
  5. Chat is PG-13 - Be respectful. You may not use any threatening, abusive, sexist, hateful, racist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay or otherwise objectionable language toward any member of the server. This includes written signs, Pokemon Names, or any other written Medium.
  6. Please only use English in Global Chats. Other Languages are fine in local chats and private messages.
  7. Fully automatic machines/hatchers/farms are not allowed. Do not build any fully automatic redstone machines. Semi-automatic is acceptable with manual player input required. Ask Staff if you are unsure whether yours is allowed.
  8. Do not create random 1x1 tunnels going down/up or anything which resembles them, unless they are safely contained so that no one can fall in them.
  9. Player killing, directly or with traps, is strictly forbidden and you will be instantly banned for doing so.
  10. You may benefit from only one account. The use of multiple Accounts (alts) to gain any advantage or evade bans is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: using Alts in Minigames (e.g RTD or Raffles), official Events or Contests (e.g. Tournaments or Build Contests) and claiming Prizes (e.g PokedexRewards or Starter/Event Kits). See Disclaimers for further information.
Our staff members are hired and trained to represent PokeMC to the best of their ability. If you firmly believe that a staff member is abusing their power in some way, you may file a report with a member of Leadership on Discord. Please do not openly argue with staff in Global chat.
Banned Mods, Machines, and Client-Side Alterations
  • X-ray mods, x-ray texture packs, underground cave mapping, and any vanilla x-ray exploit.
  • Duping exploits
  • Cheat scripts, bots, auto-clickers, etc. that automatically control your character
  • PokeRadar, Gameshark, and similar.
  • Any mod that enhances your movement in any way (fly, speed, god mode, etc.)
  • AFK Machines Bypassing the AFK kicker is not allowed. That includes using minecarts, water, or movement plates in an infinite loop (continuous or end-to-end with activated powered rails). If you are building a personal egg hatcher or acrobatics skill farm, the total track duration must be no longer than 3 minutes. Manual player input is required to repeat the loop. Holding a specific key down or using a macro to continuously use the loop is not allowed. Examples of legal egg hatchers can be found at /warp LastRun, /warp RoseRunner, and /warp Abolshop
  • No automatic redstone machines, such as auto-harvesting farms. Semi-auto farms are acceptable (require player input to harvest or activate).
  • NOTE: Exploitation of chunk-loading glitches or any type of Vanilla x-ray glitch is still considered x-raying and will get you banned. This includes abuse of the Pixelmon battle camera!
Examples of Automated vs Semi-Automated Machines:
  • Automated (not allowed): Movement plates that endlessly loop with no break. A redstone contraption that does not stop moving once triggered, or triggers automatically by something other than player interaction.
  • No fully automatic redstone machines: Automatic machines are not allowed. It must require player input to start each time. That means no redstone clocks (which use repeaters, hoppers, etc.) or automation with observers. You must activate the mechanism each time with a button.

    Please be mindful of how large and/or laggy your mechanisms are because it can disrupt the experience of other players. You may be contacted by staff if there are any issues so that it can be changed to comply with our rules. If you are unsure if your own design is okay, please ask staff to look it over.
  • All types of fishing farms are forbidden (including semi-automatic).
  • Semi-Automatic (allowed): Movement plates with a break that requires jumping/walking to start the next lap. A melon farm that requires a button press to trigger. Please do not make unreasonably large (read: laggy) farms.
Allowed Mods/Machines:
  • Schematica
  • Gammabright
  • Optifine
  • Inventory Tweaks
  • Minimaps
  • Any mod found in our Twitch Modpack
  • If you are unsure if a mod is allowed, don't be afraid to ask!